Top Garden Plants for Autumn Bedding

top garden plants for autumn bedding Woolpit Nurseries

Top Garden Plants for Autumn Bedding

There are plenty of garden plants for autumn bedding, many providing a blaze of colour for the autumn bedding plants in your garden. From bold hues to gentle pastels, there are plenty of options for every type and taste!

With autumn just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about plants for autumn bedding in your garden. Autumn is a great time to plant, as the weather is cool and there is plenty of rainfall. This ensures that your plants will have a good chance of surviving the winter. There are a wide variety of autumn bedding plants available, so you can choose those that best suit your garden. Some popular choices include pansies, violas, and chrysanthemums. These plants are all very easy to care for and will provide your garden with a splash of colour during the autumn months. So why not add some autumn bedding plants to your garden this year?

Colourful, tough garden plants for autumn bedding to make your garden look great! Read on about some plants that will be sure to delight you and fill up any space with colour through autumn and winter.

Polyanthus autumn bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Polyanthus are in the Primula family, and a favourite autumn bedding plant for cottage gardens, with bright dazzling colours to lift any gloomy day. Plant in the autumn and they will survive the winter adding colour to the garden through to spring.

Sage autumn bedding plant Woolpit Nurseries


Herbs are often overlooked when it comes to being used as ornamental plants, but purple sage makes an ideal choice. This herb has attractive evergreen leaves that look good all year round and smell great too!


Winter pansies are a must-have plant for autumn bedding in every garden. They provide dependable colour from autumn until mid spring, and many varieties can withstand harsh weather conditions or deal with less than perfect growing conditions better than other plants might do. These hardy plants add cheer on even the darkest days because their little faces light up our world

Hucherea autumn bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Heuchera has bold leaves that provide long-lasting colour and a useful contrast to other plants, particularly grasses. This hardy perennial can be reusing in the garden after being used as bedding!


The outdoor cyclamen is a tuberous perennial that grows in size and produces hundreds of gorgeous flowers. It can start flowering as early as September if conditions are perfect! The plant’s height ranges from 10-15 cm.

Chrysanthemum autumn bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Chrysanthemums are a traditional favourite that can be used to brighten up your garden in the autumn. Their wide variety of shapes and sizes means they will look great on any type or size container, as well!

Choose your plants for autumn bedding and enjoy your garden year around

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, and there are many autumn bedding plants that can add colour and interest to your garden. One option is the chrysanthemum, which comes in a wide range of colours including white, yellow, pink, and purple. Another option is the autumn crocus, which features delicate blooms in shades of white, blue, and purple. Or you could go for something bolder with vibrant red flowers. Whatever you choose, autumn bedding plants are a great way to add a touch of autumnal charm to your garden.

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