Italian Plants and Shrubs Direct from Tuscany to Woolpit Nurseries

Add a touch of the Mediterranean to your Garden with Topiary Trees and Plants from Italy.

Bring the sunshine into your garden with a stunning Italian plant? We have a large selection of structural Italian trees and shrubs at Woolpit Nurseries, Mediterranean garden plants suited to your garden and outside space in Suffolk.

We have a large range of feature Italian plants and trees for sale at Woolpit Nurseries, subject to availability. Mediterranean plants suitable for garden pots or planted in the garden in various shapes and sizes. Olive trees, Buxus, Acers, Cyprus Spruce, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Tuscan Cyprus, Bay Leaf, Evergreen Jasmine, Agapanthus, Italian Privet, Bamboos, Palms and more.

The Italian plants that we have in stock at any time depends on availability due to sales. In addition to Italian plants, we also carry a wide range of perennials, garden roses, bedding plants, shrubs and fruit trees, so you can mix and match to create the perfect garden oasis. So why wait? Visit Woolpit Nurseries today and get started on your dream outdoor space!


There’s a Great Choice of Stunning Italian Plants at Woolpit Nurseries: Watch Our Video

The photos above are a snapshot of some of the Italian plants that you’ll find at Woolpit Nurseries. The plants in stock depends on the time of year and the availability due to sales. As always, if you are struggling to find a something, we are happy to help.

“Lovely staff and a huge selection and very well priced plants”

Went here after being recommended it and I’m glad we did. Lovely staff and a huge selection and very well priced plants. No faults at all other than they’ll probably be getting a lot of my money from now on!

Peter E./ Google Review

Italian plants trees from Tuscany Woolpit Nurseries

Beautiful Italian plants supplied direct from the grower in Italy

We hand pick the range of Italian plants and trees from the same growers in Tuscany that we’ve use for several years, and they deliver direct to our nursery in Woolpit. 

Most of these plants are evergreen and ideal for growing in the UK whether in large garden containers or planted directly into the garden. And they’ll be a real feature at your home whether they’re in pots at the front door, on the patio or amongst your shrubs and perennials in the garden beds.

Italian plants trees Woolpit Nurseries
italian plants trees topiary Woolpit Nurseries
Italian plants trees at Tuscany grower Woolpit Nurseries

For the best quality garden plants at great prices, visit us at Woolpit Nurseries in mid Suffolk.

We look forward to helping you transform your garden with our premium plants and friendly service.


The best Italian Plants for Suffolk Gardens

Here are our top 7 hardy Italian Mediterranean plants that are suitable for growing in Suffolk gardens.

Mediterranean garden plants are perfect for adding some colour and life to any garden. Below we have listed some of the best Italian plants to create a Mediterranean garden at your home! Along with the conditions required for growing Mediterranean plants.

If you are struggling to find a particular Italian Tree or Plant, we are happy to help. Talk to us when you visit or fill in our contact form using the button below.

Large Olive Tree ordered for customer

Elevate Your Garden with a Touch of Tuscany: Discover Italian Plants at Woolpit Nurseries

Imagine infusing your garden with the romance and allure of Tuscany, right here in Suffolk. Woolpit Nurseries brings you a captivating selection of Italian plants from Tuscany, adding an exotic charm that turns your garden into a Tuscan paradise.

  • Mediterranean Beauty, Local Thrive: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Italian plants that thrive in Suffolk’s climate. Experience the vibrant colors and aromatic scents that evoke the essence of Tuscany’s countryside.
  • Effortless Elegance: Transform your garden effortlessly with these exquisite Italian plants. From graceful ornamentals to hardy evergreens, each plant adds a touch of timeless elegance to your outdoor sanctuary.
  • Year-Round Splendor: With our thoughtfully selected Italian plants, your garden becomes a canvas that evolves with the seasons. Enjoy year-round splendor as each plant showcases its unique attributes, creating a dynamic and captivating landscape.
  • Cultivate Conversation: Impress your guests with the unique charm of Italian plants from Tuscany. Spark conversations and create lasting memories against a backdrop that transports them to the rolling hills and vineyards of Italy.
  • Visit Woolpit Nurseries: Immerse yourself in the allure of Italian plants from Tuscany. Let Woolpit Nurseries be your guide to cultivating a garden that encapsulates the magic of Tuscany, right at your doorstep. Experience the fusion of cultures and the beauty of nature in every bloom and leaf.

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4 x Large Perennials for £16 (£4.45 each)
3 x 2 Litre Shrubs for £21 (£7.95 each)
2 x Grasses/ Heucheras for £16 (£8.95 each)