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Welcome to Woolpit Nurseries, where the magic of the autumn winter garden comes to life. Explore a vibrant selection of garden plants nurtured to perfection and tailored for the Suffolk climate.

Roses new for Autumn Winter at Woolpit Nurseries


Colourful and fragrant, roses to brighten your borders and patios. Enhance your garden with a burst of color and fragrance. Our vast assortment of roses includes Climbing, Hybrid Tea, Shrub, Standards, Floribunda and Patio Climbing varieties, priced from £9.95. Each rose is potted, ready to thrive in your garden.

New for Autumn Winter - Fruit trees at Woolpit Nurseries

Garden Trees

Discover the allure of shade, beauty, and bountiful harvests.

New stock, newly lifted trees, Apple, Pear, Plum, Apricot, Quince and Acers, Birch, Flowering Cherries, Salix, Mountain Ash and more.

Garden & fruit trees
New for Autumn Winter - Soft fruit in stock at Woolpit Nurseries

Soft Fruit

Prepare for next summer’s delights with our assortment of soft fruit. From Blackcurrants to Raspberries, Blueberries, Figs, Gooseberries soft fruits are all now in stock. These treasures add scrumptiousness to your edible garden.


Gardening Tips for the Season: Your Guide to Autumn Winter Garden Brilliance

Autumn is a tricky time of year in the gardening world. The once bright perennials have died back, leaves are falling and in general, the garden can look a bit of a mess. Tackling a little light pruning, clearing and tidying is well worth the effort and will save you precious time in spring. Here’s a list of jobs you can tackle over the next few weeks to get your growing space in tip-top condition for the new year:

Gardening tips 1    Tie Back and Prune Plants

pruning garden shrubs in autumn winter garden

If you’re wondering what to cut back in your autumn garden read on! Tie back and prune climbing plants such as vines. You can also prune fruit bushes and trees like apple and pear to encourage the replacement of old shoots with healthy new growth. It’s also a great time to take cuttings from fruit bushes such as blackcurrant and gooseberry, in a few years you’ll have a good-sized, fruit-bearing plant. Cut any finished perennials back to ground level but leave those that have decorative seed heads such as alliums, teasels, hydrangea and Eryngium (sea holly). They provide food for birds and the long stems create shelter for insects. You can cut them down in spring. You can also cut back irises, lilies, salvia, rudbeckia and catmint.

Gardening tips 2   Clean and Tidy the Garden

Rake up garden leaves

Clean and tidy the greenhouse, shed or polytunnel ready to receive spring plants. Don’t forget that you can re-use old compost too. If it looks very tired you can use it as mulch but if it’s free of roots and not compacted, it’ll be perfect in next year’s pots. Autumn is a great time to clean out storage boxes and pack away garden furniture, if you haven’t already. Stack pots that housed summer flowers or plant some autumn and winter flowering blooms instead. Rake up any leaves from deciduous trees. You’ll need to do this a few times as more leaves fall but it’s worth keeping on top of it to prevent damage to grass and other plants. Rotted leaf matter makes excellent compost so add it to your existing compost heap or consider building one. You can also use leaves as mulch.

Gardening tips 3  Tackle Light Weeding

Dandelion weeds in garden

Tackle light weeding now and it will save you time in spring. Weeding can burn between 200-400 calories an hour and is a great way to get those endorphins flowing. It’s surprising how many dandelions there seem to be in autumn so hooking them out now will prevent the inevitable multiplication if they go on to flower next year.

Garden tips 4 Mulch for Success

Mulch around trees in garden

Mulching is used to retain moisture, reduce weed growth and promote healthy soil. This is the perfect time of year for mulching where there is still some warmth in the soil and plenty of moisture which you can trap beneath a cosy blanket of mulch. Mulch is dead, organic plant material that provides precious nutrients to the soil as it decays. You can use wood chips, grass cuttings and fallen leaves. Add a layer of mulch around trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials.

Garden tips 5Plant Winter Vegetables

sow vegetable seeds in garden

If you’re growing winter vegetables, now is the time to sow radishes, broad beans, rocket and even winter lettuce. Plant onions, garlic and shallots in well-drained soil or raised beds and cover with fleece for extra protection from the elements.

Garden tips 6Protect and Insulate

Protect tender garden plants from frosts

Many plants will overwinter just fine, but it’s a good idea to move tender plants into a greenhouse or add some insulation to those which will bear the brunt of the winter chill. You can wrap horticultural fleece or bubble-wrap around plant pots and re-use it each year. It’s also a good idea to net any hardy brassicas to stop those hungry pigeons from feasting on them throughout winter.

Gardening tip 7The Final Cut

mow the lawn in garden

Give the grass one last cut before winter sets in. Choose a dry day and don’t be tempted to cut the grass too short. It needs some length to help it soak up as much of the weak winter sun as possible.

For the finest quality garden plants at competitive prices, look no further than Woolpit Nurseries in mid Suffolk. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a budding enthusiast, our range and expertise ensure your garden flourishes through the seasons. Join us today and transform your garden into a tapestry of autumn and winter splendor.

Experience Garden Bliss with Woolpit Nurseries: Your Key to a Thriving Autumn and Winter Garden

At Woolpit Nurseries, we understand that your garden is a canvas of dreams, and we’re here to help you paint a masterpiece. As you buy garden plants from us, you’re not just purchasing flora – you’re investing in a vision of beauty, tranquility, and vitality.

Imagine the joy of strolling through your garden, admiring the breathtaking hues of our carefully selected roses. Picture the delight of harvesting luscious fruits from trees you’ve nurtured and watched flourish. Envision the satisfaction of nurturing your own soft fruit bounty, adding a delectable touch to your culinary creations.

Our gardening tips empower you to navigate the autumn and winter seasons with confidence, ensuring your garden remains a stunning haven year-round. From skillful pruning techniques to efficient weeding strategies, we’re your partners in cultivating a thriving outdoor sanctuary.

With Woolpit Nurseries, you’re not just buying garden plants – you’re embarking on a journey of discovery, creativity, and growth. Experience the magic firsthand and witness your garden transform into a haven of natural wonder. Visit us today and embark on an autumn and winter gardening adventure. Your garden’s potential awaits, and we’re here to help you unlock it.

For the best quality garden plants at competitive prices, visit us at Woolpit Nurseries in mid Suffolk.