Brighten Your Garden with Quality Bedding Plants from Woolpit Nurseries

If you’re looking to transform your garden with vibrant and long-lasting displays, our selection of seasonal bedding plants is perfect for you. These plants are ideal for adding bursts of colour to borders, hanging baskets, and garden containers. At Woolpit Nurseries, we offer a wide variety of seasonal bedding plants that thrive through spring, summer, autumn, and winter, ensuring your garden stays beautiful year-round.

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Bedding Plants at Woolpit Nurseries

Below is a selection of the seasonal bedding plants available at Woolpit Nurseries. Please note that availability varies with the season and demand. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, our knowledgeable staff are always ready to help.

Pink Geranium plants Woolpit Nurseries


Vibrant and resilient, perfect for sunny spots.

Marguerites bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Cheerful daisy-like flowers that thrive in full sun.

Petunias bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Bright and cheerful, ideal for borders and baskets.

Verbena bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Hardy and colorful, great for ground cover.

Coleus bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Eye-catching foliage in a range of vibrant colours.

Nicotiana bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Fragrant and elegant, perfect for evening scent.

Salvia bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Tall spikes of colour, attracting pollinators.

Brachyscome bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Dainty flowers that create a soft, colourful carpet.

garden plants Fuchsias Woolpit Nurseries


Stunning two-tone blooms, ideal for shaded areas.

Scabius bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Pincushion-like flowers that attract butterflies.

Calendula bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Bright orange and yellow flowers, bloom profusely.

Alstroemerias - peruvian lily - Woolpit Nurseries


Long-lasting, colourful blooms, great for cutting.

Diascia bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Low-growing plants with charming, small flowers.

Nigella bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Unique, feathery flowers, also called love-in-a-mist.

Gazania bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Dazzling daisy-like flowers that close at night.

Nemesia bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Sweet-scented flowers in a variety of colours.

Salvia bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Tall spikes of colour, attracting pollinators.

Cosmos bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Delicate and airy, adding a soft touch to any garden.

Lobelia perennial plants Woolpit Nurseries


Cascading blooms, perfect for hanging baskets.

Pink Geranium plants Woolpit Nurseries


Vibrant and resilient, perfect for sunny spots.

Pansies winter bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Hardy and vibrant, providing winter colour.

Violas summer bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Smaller blooms but just as colourful, ideal for pots.

Cyclamen bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Elegant and sturdy, thriving in cooler weather.

Primroses summer bedding plants Woolpit Nurseries


Bright and early bloomers, perfect for late winter.

PANSIES and VIOLAS Primroses

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How to Grow Bedding Plants for a Stunning Garden

Bedding plants are a fantastic way to bring colour and life to your garden. Follow these steps to ensure your bedding plants thrive:

bedding plant seedlingPrepare Your Soil
Level the soil and remove large clods or stones to create a smooth planting area.

bedding plant seedlingHandle Plants with Care
Gently remove each plant from its container, tapping the bottom to release it.

bedding plant seedlingOptimal Plant Placement
Lay out your plants to create a visually appealing display, spacing them according to their needs.

bedding plant seedlingProper Planting Technique
Nestle the roots just under the soil surface and firm the soil around each plant.

bedding plant seedlingGenerous Watering
Water thoroughly after planting to help plants establish quickly.

bedding plant seedlingRegular Care
Ensure shallow-rooted plants receive frequent watering.

bedding plant seedlingMaintenance
Deadhead flowers regularly to encourage continuous blooming.

bedding plant seedlingToughening Up
Harden off plants before moving them outside, especially if planting early.

bedding plant seedlingSeasonal Timing
Plant summer bedding from mid-May to avoid frost damage.

bedding plants in garden container pots - Woolpit Nurseries

Choosing the Right Bedding Plants

When selecting bedding plants, consider the following to create a stunning garden display:

Flower Colour: Choose plants that bloom in different seasons for continuous colour.
Foliage: Mix plants with varied foliage for added texture.
Growth Style: Combine low ground-cover plants with taller, upright varieties for dynamic displays.

When to Plant Bedding Plants

Bedding plants establish best when planted at the right time. For summer bedding, plant in mid-May after the risk of frost has passed. For winter bedding, plant in September or October to give plants time to establish before the cold weather sets in.

Where to Grow Bedding Plants

Good drainage is crucial for bedding plants. Raised beds, containers, and well-prepared garden soil are ideal. Most bedding plants thrive in full sun, but some varieties prefer partial shade. Always check plant labels for specific growing conditions.

How to Plant Bedding Plants in the Ground

To plant bedding plants in your garden, thoroughly weed the area and incorporate plenty of well-rotted compost or leaf mould to improve drainage. Follow our detailed planting guide for the best results.

How to Plant Bedding Plants in a Container

For container planting, use a 50:50 mix of soil-based compost and horticultural grit or sharp sand. Ensure containers have plenty of drainage holes and place stones or terracotta pieces over large holes to prevent compost from washing out. Add a layer of horticultural grit or gravel over the surface after planting to prevent rot.


Last year we grew over 350,000 seasonal garden bedding plants from seed and rooted cuttings at Woolpit Nurseries, including 9,500 bedding geraniums

Frequently Asked Questions – Bedding Plants

Water bedding plants regularly, especially during dry spells. Ensure the soil is moist but not waterlogged. Shallow-rooted plants may need more frequent watering to keep them looking their best.

Yes, many bedding plants can be grown indoors. Choose varieties that thrive in containers and ensure they receive plenty of light. Regular watering and proper drainage are key to maintaining healthy indoor plants.

Bedding plants thrive in well-draining soil that is rich in organic matter. Incorporate compost or well-rotted manure into your garden soil to improve its structure and fertility, providing the ideal environment for your plants to flourish.

The best time to plant bedding plants is typically from mid-May, once the risk of frost has passed. For winter bedding plants, aim to plant them in September or October to give them time to establish before the colder weather arrives.

Most bedding plants are annuals, meaning they complete their life cycle in one growing season and do not return the following year. However, some perennials and hardy varieties can survive winter and return the next year, providing ongoing colour in your garden.

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