Pansies & Violas

Winter Pansies & Violas Breathe Life into Your Autumn-Winter Garden

When it comes to your autumn-winter garden, winter pansies and violas are the real stars. Whether you’re a gardening pro or just beginning to craft your green haven, the allure of these hardy, colourful blooms is undeniable. As the leaves tumble and the air crisps, these vibrant flowers from Woolpit Nurseries infuse your garden with life and colour, making them an absolute must-have for the season.

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Quick facts about Pansies & Violas

  • Pansies originally come from Violas, so all Pansies are a type of Viola, but not all Violas are called Pansies
  • Pansies are beautiful hybrids from Viola crossbreeding
  • Pansies & Violas boast a rainbow of colors – from purple to black!
  • Pansies & Violas thrive in cooler temps, perfect for autumn-winter gardens.
  • Pansies & Violas are both well suited to containers and hanging baskets
  • Winter pansies typically have larger blooms, in a wide range of colours
  • Pansies tend to exhibit a more upright growth habit compared to Violas.
  • Pansies & Violas are edible, perfect for salads and desserts

Frequently Asked Questions about Pansies & Violas

When is the best time to plant winter pansies and violas?

For ideal results, plant your pansy and viola plants in borders or pots during September and early October. This timing allows them to develop robust roots and vibrant blooms.

Yes, they are perennial flowers, returning year after year. To ensure their return, plant in fall, or pot and protect them indoors during winter, though ground planting typically yields more abundant blooms.

The best time to purchase winter pansies and violas is as early as possible, with the ideal time being in September and early October. Available to buy from Woolpit Nurseries every September.

These lovely flowers can bloom from autumn through to spring, gracing your garden with multiple blossoms per plant.

Perennial violas, which closely resemble pansies, have the advantage of returning year after year. They bring early-season color to your garden, enhancing curb appeal when few other plants are in bloom.

While pansies are more popular, for the hardiest plants offering continuous winter-to-spring blooms and full coverage, opt for the small but robust violas in the majority of your selection.

Winter pansies are distinct from their summer counterparts because they are specially bred to be more robust, ensuring they thrive in colder weather.

Yes, while winter pansies share the Latin name Viola x wittrockiana with violas, they are distinct. Pansies boast larger flowers and are ideal for colder seasons. Violas, on the other hand, produce numerous smaller blooms, thriving in spring gardens. Their heart-shaped petals showcase a wide array of shades, colors, and bi-colored combinations, often resembling cheerful, smiling faces.

Winter pansies are incredibly versatile, making them perfect for flower beds, borders, garden pots, window troughs, and hanging baskets. To get started, add high-quality multi-purpose compost to the soil, and consider adding horticultural grit if the soil is heavy.

Create individual holes for each pansy plant, keeping them no more than 10cms apart. Since these plants typically grow to a height of 15 to 25cms, planting them close together ensures your garden bursts with vibrant color throughout the winter months. Remember, winter pansies may not be as vigorous during this season, so this planting strategy guarantees a colorful and full display.

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