Seasonal Garden bedding plants
Woolpit Nurseries
OPEN Mon-Sat 9 - 5, Sun 10 - 4
Just off the A14 Jn 47 Woolpit
Seasonal Garden bedding plants
find us A14 JN47 in Woolpit
Garden plants direct from the grower
Seasonal Garden bedding plants
find us A14 JN47 in Woolpit
Seasonal Bedding Plants & Hanging Baskets
Seasonal Garden bedding plants
find us A14 JN47 in Woolpit
Hardy Garden Plants - Perennials, Shrubs, Trees
Seasonal Garden bedding plants
find us A14 JN47 in Woolpit
Italian Potted Topiary & Planters
Seasonal Garden bedding plants
find us A14 JN47 in Woolpit
'In Bloom' & Commercial - Hanging Baskets & Planters
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You can choose from the FINEST QUALITY GARDEN PLANTS
because we grow more than 90% of our plants here in Woolpit


Summer garden bedding plants geraniums at Woolpit NurseriesWe have a large range of seasonal garden bedding plants at Woolpit Nurseries. Plants for your Spring, Summer & Winter garden beds. Ready to Buy.» Garden Bedding Plants.


Hardy plants, perennials at Woolpit NurseriesHardy Plants Center with thousands of Perennials, Shrubs, Herbs, Structural plants, Conifers, Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees etc.. Ready to Buy. » Hardy Plants.


Hanging baskets planted, grown and sold at Woolpit NurseriesHanging baskets & containers at Woolpit Nurseries. Every year we plant, grow and sell thousands of baskets. Ready made or planted to order. » Hanging Baskets


Bury In Bloom baskets by Woolpit NurseriesWe supply In Bloom displays & baskets to local towns, villages and business. Including the installation of hanging baskets, planters and bedding plants. » In Bloom.


Italian topiary plants & Mediterranean shrubs at Woolpit NurseriesAdd a touch of Italy to your garden with our selection of Italian plants. Olive trees, Bay trees, Fan palms, Evergreen jasmine, Phormium & more. » Italian Mediterranean Plants


Garden compost, sand, gravel, slate, stones at Woolpit Nurseries

Easy pick up of bulky Compost Soil Gravel Slate and Sand. Garden products to help you successfully grow plants and flowers. » Compost, Soil, Gravel, Slates.


Our Sturdy Garden Plants at Great Prices, so YOU SAVE MONEY!

Hardy Garden plants centre

You’ll be spoilt for choice as to what garden plants to buy!

In Bloom at Woolpit Nurseries  ‘In Bloom’ baskets
Grower of Contract plants, Woolpit Nurseries  Contract plant grower
Garden plant nursery, Woolpit Nurseries  Garden plant nursery – Garden Centre
Garden bedding plants, Woolpit Nurseries  Garden Bedding plants
Hanging baskets, Woolpit Nurseries  Ready Planted Hanging Baskets
Garden planters, Woolpit Nurseries  Ready Planted Garden Tubs
Perennials, Woolpit Nurseries  Perennials, alpines & herbs
Vegetable plants at Woolpit Nurseries  Vegetable plants
Trees, fruit trees at Woolpit Nurseries  Shrubs, Ornamental Trees, Fruit Trees
Seedling plant at Woolpit Nurseries  Olive Trees
Seedling plant at Woolpit Nurseries  Structural plants

Garden plant nursery, Woolpit Nurseries  90% of our plants are grown onsite
Family plant nursery, Woolpit Nurseries  Friendly, family business
plants, Woolpit Nurseries  Professional plant advice
Plant containers, Woolpit Nurseries  Customer containers planted
Garden plants at Woolpit Nurseries  Large selection of garden plants
Car park at Woolpit Nurseries  Large car park immediately outside
Directions, Woolpit Nurseries  Easy to find, just off the A14 between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket, in Suffolk
Compost at Woolpit Nurseries  Compost, Fertilizer, Soil, Sand, Gravel
Plant pots at Woolpit Nurseries  Stoneware, Pots & Baskets
Christmas trees at Woolpit Nurseries  Christmas trees & Wreaths


Woolpit Nurseries is a family business, a garden plant business in mid Suffolk, UK

The family behind Woolpit Nurseries: Pam Jackson, Andrew Brain, Bob Jackson & Catherine Brain.

Meet the Family behind the Business

Pam and Bob Jackson took on the business as a pre-existing tomato nursery in 1978, they expanded into bedding plants and hanging baskets 25 years ago. They are still involved but their daughter Catherine and son-in-law Andrew Brain joined the business in 2002 and are now at the helm. And they have increased production to 250,000 seasonal plants and 2,500 hanging baskets every year for the general public, businesses and local authorities.

“We use some of the best plants and best composts so we have a fair confidence in what we do” says Andrew Brain, Director at Woolpit Nurseries.
More about Woolpit Nurseries business.