In Full Bloom this Summer with Woolpit Nurseries

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Featured Article in West Suffolk Mercury May 2019

Get Your Garden In Full Bloom this Summer with the Help of Woolpit Nurseries

As the weather brightens and summer approaches, our longing for outdoor spaces intensifies. Reviving your garden after the winter months is the perfect project for this season. While basic maintenance is crucial, adding vibrant elements can transform your garden into a blooming paradise. Imagine the beauty of.bright perennials and eye-catching hanging baskets.

Woolpit Nurseries: Your Haven for a Garden in Full Bloom this Summer

Run by a family since 1978, Woolpit Nurseries is your go-to destination for achieving a garden in full bloom. Encompassing an acre of greenhouses and an additional half-acre outdoor space, Woolpit Nurseries proudly nurtures more than 95% of its plants on-site, a rarity in the county.

Every spring, our experienced team cultivates around 250,000 seasonal bedding plants from seeds, meticulously caring for each plant as it flourishes. The dedication invested in each plant is evident in the final product, as our on-site growing process consistently yields quality, robust plants. Our commitment to using professional composts ensures optimal growth conditions, resulting in thriving seedlings.

Expert Guidance for a Blossoming Garden

Are you seeking vibrant colors or lush greens? Woolpit Nurseries offers a diverse selection to complement any garden. Andrew and Catherine Brain, the husband-and-wife duo, offer expert advice to every visitor, aiding in post-purchase plant care. Having taken over the business from Catherine’s parents 15 years ago, the Brains are proud to continue the Woolpit legacy into 2019 and beyond.

A Palette of Blooms: Your Garden’s Transformation

Bedding plants are fantastic for infusing color into your garden. From begonias to hollyhocks, Woolpit Nurseries boasts a wide range, along with pre-planted hanging baskets and containers, ideal for a hassle-free ‘instant garden.’

Last year, we cultivated over 9,500 bedding geraniums in a stunning array of colors. This year, we promise an equally abundant selection. Our ready-planted hanging baskets – a thousand strong – offer a striking garden feature.

Bringing Blooms Beyond Your Garden

Beyond gardens, Woolpit Nurseries adorns Suffolk and East Anglia streets, supplying councils with picturesque hanging baskets. Last year, our family-run plant nurseries business provided Bury St Edmunds with 600 splendidly designed baskets, contributing to the town’s gold awards in Anglia in Bloom and Britain in Bloom competitions.

In full bloom this summer at Woolpit Nurseries

Featured article in West Suffolk Mercury – EDTA, May 2019

With Woolpit Nurseries, your dream garden in full bloom is within reach. Elevate your outdoor space and embrace the vibrant beauty of nature this summer.

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