Create a Stunning Display with Our High-Quality Commercial Hanging Baskets – Ideal for Local Authorities, In Bloom Displays and Businesses in Mid-Suffolk

Commercial in bloom hanging baskets Woolpit Nurseries

single quote testimonialWoolpit Nurseries supplies towns and businesses across the region with gorgeous hanging baskets to brighten up our public spaces.

For years, Woolpit Nurseries have been bringing natural beauty to Mid Suffolk with their creative floral displays. From supplying commercial hanging baskets and planters to local authorities and businesses – as well as the installation of said items – they’ve also provided quality bedding plants, perennials and shrubs for street replanting projects too!

And over the years Bury St Edmunds has won gold awards in both Anglia in Bloom and Britain In Bloom thanks to a floral baskets grown at Woolpit, alongside similar displays for Newmarket, Haverhill & Stowmarket.

Woolpit Nurseries supplies Bury St Edmunds town centre with around 600 beautifully designed hanging baskets each year, helping the town win gold awards in both Anglia in Bloom and Britain in Bloom.

Commercial hanging baskets Woolpit Nurseries

Street baskets near St Edmundsbury Cathedral, Mid Suffolk.

Beautiful in bloom plantings from Woolpit Nurseries

Spruce up your outdoor space for the summer season with our vibrant and beautiful displays from Woolpit Nurseries! We are passionate about supplying mid-Suffolk with striking hanging baskets to bring life into public areas. Whether it’s a town center or a business we can provide ready-planted containers that guarantee visual impact as well as enriching any environment.

With us being the suppliers commercial baskets to Bury St Edmunds In Bloom, In Bloom Stowmarket, Haverhill & Newmarket – there is no better place to shop for luscious green blooms than right here at Woolpit Nurseries’!

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See Our In Bloom Commercial Baskets and Installations

Here is a selection of our commercial hanging baskets, planted containers and commercial bedding areas.

For the best quality garden plants at competitive prices, visit us at Woolpit Nurseries in mid Suffolk.


Smiley commercial plantings in Bury St Edmunds

Smiley Bed in Bury St Edmunds

Plants supplied by Woolpit Nurseries: planted & maintained by CCG Gardeners

Beautify Your Outdoor Space with Our Wide Range of Fresh, Vibrant Garden Bedding Plants – Commercial Growers and In-Bloom Suppliers

We can supply garden bedding plants and hardy garden plants to Councils, Local Authorities, and Commercial enterprises. Most of our plants are home grown in Woolpit, mid Suffolk. If you need a large order of bedding plants and other garden plants, contact us to discuss.

To avoid disappointment we advise making contact with us as early as possible to us about your plant requirements. In Bloom campaigns are active across East Anglia and are promoted by RHS Britain in Bloom and Anglia in Bloom.

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4 x Large Perennials for £16 (£4.45 each)
3 x 2 Litre Shrubs for £21 (£7.95 each)
2 x Grasses/ Heucheras for £16 (£8.95 each)