Gardening Tips for June

Gardening tips for June Woolpit Nurseries

Gardening Tips for June

On June 21, it’s the longest day of the year, which brings us more sunlight and warmth. This boost in light and heat energizes our gardens to flourish with rapid growth. And along with the garden plants, we can get a flush of unwanted weeds. To stay ahead of the weeds, it’s important to regularly hoe the garden beds to remove them, especially when the weather is dry. By doing so, you can effectively keep your garden looking tidy and prevent the weeds from taking over! Check out these 7 gardening tips for June.

Top 7 gardening tips for June

Geranium Pelargonium patio plant Woolpit Nurseries

hanging baskets Woolpit Nurseries   Time to put Containers & Hanging Baskets Outside

If you planted hanging baskets and plant containers last month and grown them on under cover to protected from late frosts, now is the time to position them outside for the summer.

planting Geraniums Woolpit Nurseries

garden plants Woolpit Nurseries Plant Out Summer Bedding in the Garden

Complete planting bedding plants for colorful summer displays in garden beds, borders, plant containers, and hanging baskets.

Watering garden plants Woolpit Nurseries

garden plant Woolpit Nurseries Use Water Wisely, Especially in Drought

It’s best to water your plants in the morning or in the evening.  Both morning and evening watering can help keep your plants healthy and hydrated.

Tomato plants Woolpit Nurseries

hanging basket Woolpit NurseriesRemove Side Shoots from Tomato Plants

Taking off the side-shoots on tomatoes is easy and it triggers better growth! Whenever you water the plant, make sure to look for any small shoots growing right above each leaf where the leaf meets the stem.

plants Woolpit NurseriesWeed Garden Borders with Regular Hoeing

hoe garden weeds Woolpit NurseriesPrevent weeds from growing by regularly hoeing the borders and beds in the garden. By using a hoe, you can remove the weeds from the soil surface, making it harder for them to grow.

Woolpit NurseriesKeep Lawns Tidy with Weekly Mowing

mow grass Woolpit NurseriesWell-groomed lawns are a classic choice that many people love. They’re perfect for making colorful flower beds stand out, great for kids to play on, and offer a nice space to relax outside during the summer. However, some folks prefer a more laid-back approach to their lawns. They let wildflowers grow alongside the grass, which adds a natural touch. If you’re one of those people, you can take a break from mowing in late spring and enjoy the beautiful wildflowers that pop up. These flowers attract pollinating insects and other forms of biodiversity, making your lawn a haven for nature.

1Woolpit NurseriesSupport Your Plants: Stake Them to Keep Them Upright

stake plants Woolpit NurseriesPlants that come back year after year in garden borders sometimes grow really big and strong, which can make them weak and fall down easily, especially when it rains a lot or there are strong winds. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to put garden stakes or supports in place early in the season. This is especially important for tall plants and plants that are a mix of different types and have big flowers. By giving them extra support, we can keep them from falling over and getting damaged.

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