Add a Mediterrean vibe to your garden with a structural Italian plant.

We have a large selection of structural Italian trees and shrubs at Woolpit Nurseries to add a statement plant to your garden and outside space. These plants are suitable for planting in a pot by the front door, or into one of your garden beds as a feature ‘statement’ plant amongst your perennials and bedding plants.

Italian plants & trees grown in Italy

Mediterranean PLANTS supplied to us direct from the grower in Italy

We buy our stock of Italian plants and trees direct from the grower in Italy. We handpick the plants and they are delivered straight from the grower. So you’ll find a large range of Italian feature plants and trees: Olive trees, Buxus, Acers, Cyprus Spruce and Bamboos.

Most of the plants are evergreen and ideal for growing in large containers or pots. Evergreen Italian shrubs are great as statement plants, such as at the front door.


If we haven’t got the shrubs or plants you want for your garden, we are happy to source them for our customers.

Just talk to us when you visit or fill in our form 

Large Olive Tree ordered for Woolpit plant nurseries customer