Olive Trees – Olea europaea

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Transform your garden into a Mediterranean oasis with our exquisite selection of olive trees at Woolpit Nurseries. These timeless evergreens, sourced directly from Tuscan growers, grace your garden year-round.

Olive trees, belonging to the Olea Europaea family, symbolize peace, wisdom, prosperity, and success. With their graceful silhouettes and evergreen leaves, they make a captivating centerpiece in a garden or a thoughtful gift.

Our diverse range includes lollipop-shaped trees, espalier-trained olives, and robust European olive trees. Choose from various sizes, including half-standard and standard olive trees for ornamental charm. Each tree is handpicked from Tuscany to ensure the highest quality. At Woolpit Nurseries, we take pride in offering top-tier olive trees at competitive rates in the market.

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Quick facts about Olive Trees & Shrubs

  • Olive trees are fully hardy for UK growing conditions
  • They are evergreen, with silver-green leaves all year
  • They look great grown in the ground or in a large container
  • Prune Olives in early spring to an attractive shape and remove any dead branches
  • They are very tough plants, withstanding exteme cold and heat
  • A warm sunny sheltered position is ideal for Olives
  • Olives are fruit
  • You can’t eat Olives straight off the tree. Soak them in salted water for several days to make them edible.

Frequently Asked Questions on Olive Trees

Absolutely! Olive trees are remarkably resilient, adapting well to varied conditions. They thrive under intense sunlight, frost, drought, and even fire. These trees can weather extremes for centuries, with the oldest tree in Spain standing strong for over 3,500 years. However, they are sensitive to extreme cold below -15°C for extended periods.

It is best to prune olive trees in late spring, after any frosts. For a natural head olive tree, a hard prune might be necessary if it has become too spindly, with branches shooting off uncontrollably. In such cases, consider removing around 30% of the tree’s growth to encourage new shoots and a bushier growth.

A healthy olive tree should have dense foliage, making it almost impenetrable to the eye. Giving a light prune in late spring can stimulate new leaf growth for the season. Clipped olive trees can undergo pruning through spring and summer.

At Woolpit Nurseries, we understand the importance of proper care for your olive trees. Pruning your olive tree at the right time is crucial for its health and growth. Typically, it’s best to prune in late spring or early summer after the last frost, giving the tree time to heal before the colder months.

Focus on removing dead, diseased, or obstructive branches while allowing light to penetrate the tree’s center. Additionally, trimming shoots growing from the base redirects the tree’s energy towards optimal crown growth. But remember, avoiding pruning encourages fruiting, as olives develop on the previous year’s growth. Your olive tree’s health and productivity are essential, and the right pruning technique makes all the difference.

In the spring, your olive tree will benefit from an application of a slow-release fertilizer followed by watering in. This boost of nutrients will keep it happy throughout the growing season.

In summer, you can apply a liquid feed, such as seaweed extract. This would turn the leaves a lush green and help mature the fruits.

Whether you plant your olive tree in a pot or directly in the ground depends on various factors and your personal preferences. Planting Olive trees in pots gives you the flexibility for relocation and creates a striking visual impact. Regular watering is essential for potted trees, and eventual repotting may be necessary as the tree grows.

Whereas, planting an olive tree in the ground provides a natural and picturesque addition to any garden border. Its evergreen foliage require minimal maintenance, usually only needing water during the initial months after planting and in very hot summers.

The planting choice depends on your preferences and the how it will best fit into your garden or outside space.

When it comes to soil, Olive trees will grow in acid or alkaline soils but the key factor  is excellent drainage. Whether you’re growing your tree in a container or directly in the ground, drainage is important.

At Woolpit Nurseries, we suggest employing a peat-free compost as a general guideline. However, if your olive tree seems top-heavy, we recommend opting for a loam-based compost and adding approximately 20% grit to the mix to enhance drainage.

If you notice excessive leaf drop or a shrunken root ball, it’s a sign your olive tree is thirsty. Overwatering olive trees is rare, but it’s important to have proper drainage in olives that are potted or those planted in the ground.

In containers, maintain moisture without soaking the roots, adjusting watering frequency based on weather and seasons. After planting, ensure a regular, deep soak to help the tree root properly. With patience and proper care, your olive tree will thrive and become less reliant on frequent watering.

When temperatures plummet to below -10°C, your hardy olive tree could be at risk of damage.

If it’s in a pot you can find a sheltered nook for your plant to shield it from freezing winds, and for an olive planted in the garden, consider covering it in horticultural fleece to protect from the frost. Throughout the winter, your tree enters a dormant phase, reducing the need for watering. As spring approaches and warmth returns, gradually increase watering to kick-start growth.

Olive trees bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your garden while being surprisingly low-maintenance. They are resilient and hardy, and withstand temperatures as low as -15°C, but during freezing weather, utilizing horticultural fleece is advisable. Ensuring proper drainage and avoiding overwatering are key to keeping these trees thriving. With these simple care steps, your olive tree can happily flourish in your garden.

At Woolpit Nurseries you will find beautiful Olive Trees for sale in different sizes. Visit us to find the perfect fit for your garden.