Soft Fruit Plants at Woolpit Nurseries: Indulge in the Sweetness of Summer

Delicious, Freshly-Picked Soft Fruits from Your Own Garden

Indulge in the delectable goodness of home-grown soft fruit plants from Woolpit Nurseries. Our collection offers a modern assortment, ranging from luscious raspberries to succulent blueberries, and the beloved classic – strawberries. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a compact space, these versatile plants flourish effortlessly, even in containers.

At Woolpit Nurseries, our commitment extends beyond soft fruit plants. Explore our diverse array of fruit trees, perennials, shrubs, and even Italian plants – a kaleidoscope of colors to adorn your outdoor haven throughout the seasons.

Soft Fruits at Woolpit Nurseries

Here are some of the soft fruit plants that you’ll find at Woolpit Nurseries. Please note that availability may vary seasonally. Rest assured, our team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect addition to your garden.

For the best quality garden plants at competitive prices, visit us at Woolpit Nurseries in mid Suffolk.


6 Easy to Grow Soft Fruit Plants

You don’t need an orchard to grow soft fruit! You can still enjoy the sweet reward of fresh fruit even in your garden. Even with a little space, it’s possible to grow lush fruit – just think succulent strawberries growing from hanging baskets!

Here are our suggestions to get you started:

Strawberry soft fruit plants Woolpit NurseriesStrawberries

Strawberries are the perfect summer snack – and it’s easy to enjoy them whether you’ve got a garden or not! They thrive in sunny spots, with well-drained soil. And to encourage even more fruits, make sure to remove any runners that appear on your plants. Enjoy all those juicy strawberries before autumn arrives!

Raspberry soft fruit Woolpit NurseriesRaspberries

With raspberries you get a choice. You can enjoy the summer or autumn varieties – whichever one suits you best! They’ll thrive in your garden bed and in containers, as long as they have plenty of drainage and lots of sunshine. And a top tip for next year’s harvest: trim off any branches that bore fruit this season to get an abundance of fruit from them next year!

Blueberry soft fruit Woolpit NurseriesBlueberries

Blueberry bushes bring scented spring flowers and nutritious berries in summer! These fruits thrive in containers and need moist, acidic soil to really flourish. An important tip is to buy a self-pollinating variety – then you only have one plant but get double the joy with your homegrown berries!


Gooseberry soft fruit Woolpit NurseriesGooseberries

Gooseberries are the perfect addition to any garden – they’re hardy, low-maintenance and yield delicious succulent fruit. Not only can you enjoy them freshly picked but these berries make an excellent cooking ingredient too! All they ask for in return is some fertile soil with plenty of sunlight or a little bit of shade, so no matter where you live yours will thrive! Just remember to keep them watered while they ripen up ripe.

Blackberry soft fruit Woolpit NurseriesBlackberries

Plant a patch of blackberries this spring and reap the reward in summer! These lovely berries thrive with little effort, just give them moisture-rich soil that’s slightly on the acidic side. And remember to prune back after harvest for an even better crop next season

Blackcurrant soft fruit Woolpit NurseriesBlackcurrants

Sweet and juicy blackcurrants are the perfect summertime snack! Whether you’re cooking up something special for your friends or stocking your pantry with jams, these little berries make a delightful treat. Keep in mind that they thrive best when grown in full sun with some shelter – and don’t forget to protect them from sneaky birds who may be just as eager taste them!

Unlock the Magic of Soft Fruit Gardening

Imagine stepping into your garden and plucking ripe, succulent berries straight from the plants. That’s the enchanting reality soft fruit gardening offers, and Woolpit Nurseries is your gateway to this delectable world.

Bountiful Harvests, Minimal Effort: With our carefully curated selection of soft fruit plants, you’ll enjoy abundant yields with minimal fuss. Experience the joy of picking your own fresh fruits, whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a novice.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations: Elevate your culinary game with homegrown soft fruits. From indulgent desserts to wholesome smoothies, these vibrant gems add a burst of flavor and nutrition to your dishes.

Family Fun and Outdoor Delights: Soft fruit gardening isn’t just about the harvest – it’s a journey that brings families closer and creates cherished memories. Get your loved ones involved in nurturing and celebrating the growth of these natural treasures.

Sustainable Living, One Berry at a Time: By cultivating your own soft fruit plants, you contribute to sustainable living. Reduce your carbon footprint and relish in the eco-friendly beauty of cultivating your own delicious, pesticide-free produce.

Visit Woolpit Nurseries: Check out our soft fruit plant collection, expert guidance, and premium offerings. Start transforming your garden into a haven of flavors and well-being – one berry at a time.

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