Langton Place in bloom hanging baskets for business

Business In Bloom for High Street Shops

Business In Bloom in Bury St Edmunds

Business in Bloom baskets and planters of colourful flowers line the shop fronts and town streets in Bury St Edmunds each summer.

This photo shows the bright red and pink Petunia baskets above the shop business windows in Langton Place, Bury St Edmunds. These baskets were planted and installed by Woolpit Nurseries. Planted in baskets filled with professional compost, using their home grown, vigorous plants. These baskets have the best start for colourful In Bloom displays.

Woolpit Burseries are proud to offer businesses their basket and planters service, to supply baskets and planers and install at the business. Contact Woolpit Nurseries for more information or to book your In Bloom planters and baskets.

  • Public 16 Feb 2016