Seasonal Garden bedding plants
Olive trees, Bay trees, Buxus ........
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Italian shrubs to add a touch of Italy to your garden. We stock a large range of  shrubs, plants and trees from Italy, to give your garden a ‘little bit of Mediterranean garden style’.  All our shrubs and plants are hand select at the growers in Italy and we have them delivered direct to our Plant Nurseries in Woolpit.

Looking for a specific plant or shrub?

If we haven’t got the shrubs or plants you want for your garden, we are happy to source them for our customers. Just talk to us when you visit or use our simple CONTACT FORM – click here and we’ll get right back to you.

Most of the plants are ideal for growing in large containers or pots. Evergreen shrubs that are great as statement plants at the front door or other places, including Bay leaf, Privet, Olive trees, Leylandii and more.  Some are the natural shrub shapes and others are in classic Italian topiary shapes. You may not be familiar with these  ‘fun’ topiary names, but they make more sense when you see the plant shapes! Pom Pom, Ball on stem, Lollipop, Clipped head, Spiral stem, Cones, Balls, Clouds and more… 

Olive trees, Acers, Bamboos, Cordylites, Conifers, Bay trees, Palms, Evergreen jasmine, Phormium, Photinia, Buxus, Leylandii, Fig trees, Castor Oil plants & more.