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Perennials, Shrubs, Trees
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Our Hardy Garden Plants

Perennials, Shrubs, Trees, Structural Plants, Grasses, Ornamentals

Our Hardy Garden Plant Centre contains a large range of plants that are hardy to colder weather, hardy plants. These plants give season long interest in gardens borders and are often planted as the base for garden beds, providing shades of green, purple and brown, or varied structural shapes and at times, flowers. Seasonal bedding plants are often planted between these hardy plants to give added seasonal colour. And don’t think that hardy plants are confined to garden borders, you can add hardy plants in your hanging baskets and containers to give year long interest instead of an empty pot.

We sell hardy plants to suit most gardens, plants such as Perennial plants, Conifers, Alpine plants, Herbs, Shrubs, Ornamental plants, Trees and Fruit Trees.

The many of our hardy plants at Woolpit Nurseries are grown on site in the greenhouses that cover an acre, or outside in our half acre of growing space or under the large net sided poly tunnel.

Are you looking for a specific plant?

If we haven't got the hardy plants that you are looking for, talk to us about it. We are happy to source plants for our customers.

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Here are just some of the hardy plants that we stock

Senetti, Acer, Lilac, Lavender, Campsis, Clematis, Spiraea, Berberis, Grasses, Conifers, Bay Laurel, Ligustrum, Hibiscus, Palms,  Camelia, Heather, Viburnum, Bergenia, Eunoymous, Fatsia…and many more plants. Come along to see our huge selection of hardy plants for yourself in Woolpit, Suffolk.