Compost Gravel Slates – Our Bulky Garden Products

Compost Soil Gravel Slate at Woolpit Nurseries in Suffolk

Compost Soil Gravel by the car park at Woolpit Nurseries

Slates Sand Compost Soil Gravel at Woolpit Nurseries in Suffolk

Variety of Slates, Sand at Woolpit Nurseries in Suffolk

Bulky garden products are by the car park, and can easily be paid for at the till, prior to selecting and loading into your vehicle.

  • Compost including Multi Purpose compost, Levington potting compost, Ericaceous compost and Professional Seed compost.
  • Top soil
  • Lime free Grits and Sands from the Meadow View Stone range. These are superb for improving the drainage of difficult soils and compost, propagation, top dressing pots and troughs and Silver sand for lawn top dressing & aeration.
  • Slates in a variety of colours, plum, blue, green …… The slates are re-cycled, bi-product of the roofing industry and is a a cost effective mulch, which alleviates water evaporation, whilst providing a pervious surface for plants and wildlife.
  • Play Sand