Daisy margarita in May garden

Gardening Tips for May | Summer Garden

Summer’s on it’s way! Gardening tips for May with herbaceous borders growing and planting out bedding begins In the Greenhouse Water tomatoes and peppers every day and feed at regular intervals, with a high potash feed. Plant cucumbers at the end of May – to avoid cold/wet compost conditions which can kill the plants. Sow
tulips in the April garden

Gardening Tips for April

It’s Springtime! Gardening tips for April in the sunshine and showers. In the Greenhouse Always use a high quality peat based compost for sowing seed, pricking off and potting on seedlings and young plants. When watering seedlings and young plants, it is best coming from the tap. Do not use water from butts or tanks
March gardening tips

March is a Busy Month in the Garden

It’s time to get busy in the garden as spring arrives. In the greenhouse Seed sowing can begin this month, make sure the trays are clean and for the best results, use a high quality peat based compost and add 25 – 50% vermiculite. When using an electric propagator, set the temperature at 18 –